Experience Design Innovators

Delicious Digital Marketing for
Food & Beverage Businesses run events and education workshops for the food and beverage sector. The community was created by Connector who are the Experience Design Innovators based in Temple Bar in Dublin. Check out some of our events and follow us on social media to keep up to date!

Events & Workshops

The Digital Foodie Stage @ Food & Drink Business Conference and Exhibition

13/9/17 A whole morning of talks about digital marketing, social media, influencer marketing and world class food & drink case studies.

Featuring talks from professional trainer Greg Fry from, Erica Sheehan from Homespun Foods and Leonie Ferguson.

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Conor Lynch
Conor Lynch

Conor Lynch has been running events in Ireland for the digital community for almost 10 years. Conor is the CEO of Connector, the Experience Design Innovators based in Temple Bar.

Greg Fry
Greg Fry

Greg Fry is an International trainer, speaker and consultant delivering regular training and workshops on digital marketing and social media.


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